Carebot at Colours of Sepsis in Ostrava

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We took part of the festival of intensive care. In the team, we are always ready to show doctors what benefits Carebot brings.

In cooperation with Nestlé Health Science we spent several days presenting our solution to doctors from all over the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries. Discussing shortcomings in the health system directly with doctors is absolutely key to the possibility of making their work as efficient as possible. We also presented a lecture to doctors on Carebot AI: How Artificial Intelligence Helps Accurately Detect Findings in Imaging Methods.

Carebot in the MEDICAL TRIBUNE

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The development of the Czech assistant for radiologists is over, tests are starting. Artificial intelligence should not be a "blackbox".

“The Czech startup has developed a system for evaluating lung X-rays with artificial intelligence and wants to obtain all permits to enter the market within the next year. It now offers hospitals cooperation in testing the system in practice. ”

Link to the full article: MEDICAL TRIBUNE

"Artificial intelligence needs clear rules, especially in healthcare. But they must not be so binding that Europe ceases to be competitive. "We are already seeing a visible increase in solutions in China and South America, where artificial intelligence legislation is more user-friendly," said Carebot CEO Daniel Kvak, an artificial intelligence specialist. "

Link to the full article: MEDICAL TRIBUNE

Innovators 2022 - award by economic newspaper

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The doctor's other eyes. Carebot reads the X-rays and looks for what the doctors might overlook

The founders of Carebot were selected among the Innovators of 2022. This is a prestigious ranking of economics newspaper "Hospodářské noviny", where the best ideas and inventions going beyond the borders of the Czech Republic are awarded every year.

"Just as self-driving cars read signs and colors at a traffic light, Carebot can examine X-rays and alert doctors to where the problem might be. The start-up has a great start. One year after the initial idea, it is gaining a lot of investment and is not hiding its global ambitions. ”

You can read the whole article on the website of Hospodářské noviny.


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