Carebot reveals what the human eye may not catch. It can help doctors significantly

Artificial intelligence instead of a doctor? Machine learning is also gaining ground in medicine, and the Brno startup Carebot will probably push the boundaries in this regard.

Daniel Kvak is a doctoral student at Masaryk University in Brno, his field is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Together with his wife Karolína, who studies anthropology, they developed a neural network model through which they can safely select those that indicate pathology, including covid-19, on the basis of machine learning from X-rays.

"The Carebot application can mark chest findings almost immediately on chest X-rays," says the founder of the company, whose work has aroused great interest in professional circles. Carebot carefully, with machine precision and at the same time effectively searches for findings that the doctor in the hospital would not have noticed.

It can detect lung disease at an early stage and can help save lives. "We use the method of so-called computer vision, so it is not, in the true sense of the word, about comparing images. It is an algorithm of artificial intelligence of neural networks. We submit tens of thousands of images with annotations to the network, based on which the system learns to assess images. However, he does not compare them with any database of his own, "Kvak explains the principle on which Carebot works.

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