We work with physicians, academic sphere, institutions, and health sector experts to implement our solution in the health sector. We perceive the importance of our solution for the Czech health system and we will be happy to personally answer all important questions.

MUDr. Stanislav Kašík

Emeritus Chief of Radio Diagnostics Department of Cologne Hospital

MUDr. Jan Křístek, Ph.D.

Chief radiodiagnostic officer of the Masaryk Cancer Institute.

Prof. MUDr. Milan Kvapil CSc., MBA

Emeritus Preference FN Motol Internal Clinics


Our system meets all the safety requirements that are demanded of a healthcare system in the 21st century. To meet even the highest demands, we have established direct cooperation with Microsoft.

Expert support

We have shaped Carebot to be as convenient as possible for physicians and to bring the greatest benefit to patients and the healthcare system. We developed it alongside experts in the field. And the result? Easy and user-friendly operation, instant response and precise results.

Open challange

Are you a doctor, a professional, a student? Are you interested in healthcare? Do you have an idea how to improve our services? Do you want to participate in the digitalization of Czech healthcare? Write to us. We will be happy to meet you or offer you the possibility of cooperation. Come and get involved and modernise health services in the Czech Republic.


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