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Doctors can use Carebot it in private clinics and hospitals, as well as anytime on the go in the form of a simple app. Just upload one or several x-ray images at a time. Carebot will show the doctor where and what findings the patient has. And in what form can Carebot be used?



In the form of a web application, doctor uploads one or a hundred X-ray images at once. The application is a suitable solution for telemedicine.



We embed Carebot directly into the doctor’s PACS system. The environment in which doctor works will not change and will significantly improve the quality of his work.

New medical standard

Doctor’s best friend

High efficiency

Simple operation

Large spectrum of use

Throughout the country

How is AI helping healthcare

Using deep learning methods and computer vision techniques, we built a predictive application that has been trained on a large volume of clinically validated CXR images. As a result, it can be used as a tool to help clinicians recognize diseases in medical images, automate quantitative analysis, and quickly assist in report writing.

Success rate

Currently achieves a detection success rate of up to 99%.

CE certification ready

Carebot is fully prepared to obtain CE certification.


Accurately detects up to 15 of the most common pathologies in CXR.


Carebot takes the form of a simple API protocol that can be implemented as an extension to a PACS system.

The state-of-the-art solution for computer-aided diagnosis

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 4 million premature deaths occur annually as a result of diseases related to household air pollution, including pneumonia.* More than 150 million people, mainly children, contract pneumonia each year. In these regions, the problem can be exacerbated by a lack of medical resources and personnel. For example, 57 African countries are short of 2.3 million doctors and nurses.** For these populations, effective and rapid diagnosis means everything. It can guarantee timely treatment and save much-needed time and money for those already experiencing poverty.

Carebot identifies anomalies in the lungs and helps detect pneumonia, COVID-19 or lung opacity. It analyzes lung pathology on CXR to aid in assessment and is equipped with sparse location capabilities. Given the sudden increase in the number of patients admitted with respiratory disease worldwide, Carebot can help reduce the growing burden on intensive care units (ICUs) and address the shortage of medical resources.


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