Carebot AI CXR obtains medical device certification


We are the very first Czech AI startup to receive MDR IIa certification for a medical device, and that in record time.

Founders of Carebot, Matěj Misař and Daniel Kvak, announced this significant achievement at a press conference attended by prestigious media and healthcare professionals.

During the event, Carebot also hosted a panel discussion on the benefits of AI in diagnostics. Among the speakers were professionals such as Dr. Jiří Gerold from Šumperk Hospital, Dr. Jiří Fejfar, director of Agel Holding, and Michal Šindler representing Gain Ventures.

"Artificial intelligence is the future. Carebot was a natural choice for us, also because it is a Czech company. And I congratulate you on obtaining the MDR certification. Currently, we are in the midst of pilot testing Carebot, and I believe that we will translate our cooperation into regular operation within the Agel network,"

commented Jakub Fejfar, director of AGEL Hospital in Nový Jičín, at the certification event.

"The digitization of Czech healthcare has utterly failed. There is a plethora of administrative work accumulating in hospital departments, with up to 90% of time spent on non-direct patient care on the internal side. Carebot is now being utilized as our primary interface, boosting our work efficiency by up to an hour,"

mentioned Dr. Ing. Vladimír Dvořák, deputy for healthcare at Příbram Hospital, during the discussion.

Physicians present at the event had the opportunity to test the certified Carebot AI CXR system for chest X-rays and hear firsthand experiences from those who have already been using Carebot in trial operations.

Another surprise announcement was the closure of an investment round and confirmation of the deployment of pilot testing for the new Carebot AI MMG solution for reading mammographic images.

This marks a staggering milestone for Carebot, opening doors to new possibilities in providing innovative care in hospitals and improving the quality of healthcare not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe.

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