Chances of survival more than 5 years after breast cancer diagnosis


AI assistants can provide doctors with the necessary data to correctly detect breast cancer at the first stage and dramatically increase a patient's chances of survival.

Costs for breast cancer treatment in the first year


Doctors using AI are more likely to be able to detect breast cancer in its early stages than doctors who do not use AI. Artificial intelligence helps save lives and saves money for the healthcare system.

Doctors using artificial intelligence are able to detect breast cancer in its early stages, saving the healthcare system money.

Mammographic breast tissue density is difficult to assess and quantify uniformly. In particular, BIRADS C and D density breasts are limited in distinguishing cancerous tissue from dense breast tissue by eye in this setting. The AI application automatically analyzes the image and generates a quantitative breast density assessment. In this way, AI provides radiologists with better diagnostic accuracy, especially for breasts with a higher proportion of glandular tissue, and reduces the variability of their opinions. Thus, it aids early diagnosis of breast cancer.

If cancer can be caught early, patients have up to a 99% chance of survival (Source).

Thanks to artificial intelligence trained on tens of thousands of breast disease cases, various health problems can begin to be addressed early. This can lead to saving breast tissue.

Speeds up the work process

Artificial intelligence may replace second reading by a doctor in the future. For now, however, it can speed up the process and give the doctor a tool to help them evaluate large numbers of images. Patients can thus be treated faster and more efficiently.

Helps determine the correct diagnosis

AI can help doctors correctly identify both positive and negative findings and false positives and negatives. This aids in correct diagnosis and saves patients' and doctors' time and the healthcare system's finances.

Easy to implement

AI is commonly implemented into existing systems in hospitals.


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