Carebot is a mission of sorts for most of the team. It's not a job like any other for us. We are embarking on a change in a sector that does not like to change. We are modernizing healthcare. We are innovating in a place where every mistake does not just cost extra money. It can cost lives. That is why results must be accurate, fast, and actionable.

I joined Carebot because I believe in the concept of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The company culture is respectful and relaxed, and everyone is working hard to make our vision reality - to unify the quality of care provided across regions.
Marek řehoř


Currently there are no open positions.

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Even if we do not have an open position, we welcome curious people who are not afraid to change the world around them. People who see work as more than just creating a product, people who like to collaborate and can listen to the opinions of experts from other professions. Those who believe that we can use data to benefit us all.

Are you interested in health care?
Are you an expert in artificial intelligence?
A doctor?
Are you knowledgeable about the economics of healthcare?
Are you a student with a passion for changing the world around you?
Do you feel like you could bring something extra to Carebot?
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