We develop artificial intelligence systems with doctors for doctors. To make the most of AI in healthcare, we are bringing all parts of the chain together to collaborate. Hospitals, doctors, and the manufacturers of the IT systems they work with daily. AI in practice means quality and affordable healthcare in hospitals around the world.


Are you a doctor interested in deploying artificial intelligence? Do you have an idea in which examination it could be used? Do you want to collaborate on development, image labeling, or experience the benefits of AI in practice? We work with over 30 doctors across Europe and would love to welcome you to our ranks. Contact us.


Are you a hospital representative interested in the benefits of artificial intelligence, what is needed to deploy it, or where AI can be used in practice? Are you concerned about improving the quality of care and looking to the future? We work with hospitals to develop, test and deploy AI systems in practice. Contact us.


Are you a manufacturer of PACS or DICOM browsers? Do you have many years of experience deploying these systems in hospitals? Do you want to provide your customers with an extra service that will help improve patient care? We are open to cooperation and integration into your systems. Contact us.

Pharmaceutical Company

Accuracy and speed. These two factors play a role in every clinical trial. At Carebot, we have experience in both streamlining and refining testing. We minimize unsolicited errors and can reduce the number of poorly evaluated images. Interested in more? Contact us.


A doctor with AI will always be more accurate and more satisfied than a doctor without AI. Do you believe in the evolution of healthcare? Do you see the need to balance the quality of care across regions? Are you interested in new technologies and health tech? Are you looking for new investment opportunities? Join our investor community and let us know. We'd be happy to present Carebot and our plans to you.

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