Havířov Hospital is our partner in the development of artificial intelligence.

Havířov Hospital is one of the most progressive hospitals in the Czech Republic, thanks to its excellent management. We are therefore very proud that they want to participate in the development of artificial intelligence from Carebot. Currently, one of our solutions is in the testing phase here.
We are testing the accuracy of our artificial intelligence with the radiographic team at Havířov Hospital - at the moment, it is about differentiating between images with and without findings.
Together with the doctors, we are adapting the user interface so that they are comfortable with it and want to use it.
In addition, we are implementing artificial intelligence directly into the system through which doctors view X-ray images. In this case, the MARIEPACS viewer from OR-CZ, so we don't change their workflow.
From the new year, we will be testing the AI system. The system will be able to identify individual findings from chest images with the doctor directly.
The Havířov Hospital is therefore playing a crucial role in our development. Thanks to them, we will also be able to accurately and quickly help save lives with doctors not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe and worldwide after certification.

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