About us

Our mission is to use modern state-of-the-art technology to significantly improve healthcare across Europe.

  1. We deliver high quality and evidence-based solutions to provide the doctor with the best possible diagnosis
  2. We will rule out any possible human error during diagnostics
  3. We are helping to detect diseases in early stages that could lead to deterioration of patient's condition
  4. We save money for the health system that can be used for further prevention

Daniel Kvak


PhD student at Masaryk University in Brno, specialist in AI, brain of Carebot. In the past, Daniel has worked on the use of artificial intelligence in music composition. He has successfully built one AI company and turn his knowledge into reality. He came up with Carebot to help people, healthcare professionals, doctors and the system to treat patients in more accurate and efficient way.

Matěj Misař


Former journalist specializing in health care, news show host and consultant. Matej has been extremely successful in his journalistic career, outside of presenting the main news show, he has regularly covered the health sector and regularly traveled with government abroad. Now he leads the management and direction of Carebot.


Karolína Kvaková


Karolína is a student of Anthropology at Masaryk University in Brno. Her interest in the human body is also her passion, which she pursues in every free moment. Thanks to her specialization, expertise and knowledge, Carebot project is built on solid foundations. Karolína is a new mother of a several-month-old daughter and contributes daily to the successful development of the app.



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